How to Recognize Hormone Imbalance and Its Link to Weight Gain

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Hormone imbalances are hard to recognize since many of the symptoms are easily confused with others. But there are some key signs that help you recognize the imbalances and their link to weight gain in your life!

An imbalance in hormones creates big issues with your health and wellness, including weight gain that’s hard to budge. As you get your hormones back in balance, you’ll start to see changes in your body.


If you find that you end up fatigued and easily worn out, there’s a good chance that you might be dealing with some hormone imbalances. Without any other explanation, fatigue can be a symptom of an imbalance.

When you’re tired and fatigued, it’s easy to reach for the types of foods that aren’t great for your body and weight loss. As you reach for those easy, overly processed foods, the weight gain you’ll see starts to cause problems in your daily life.

Muscle Aches

A hormone imbalance can cause your body to ache and your muscles to get sore without working out doing any exercise.

The aches and pains can keep you from wanting to work out! As you get your hormones back in balance, the muscle aches and pains start to go away, which makes it easier to work out. When your body hurts, and you don’t want to exercise, weight gain is a much bigger problem.


As you encounter a hormone imbalance, depression can be a big part of that out-of-whack system. Along with all of the mental and emotional symptoms, physical symptoms like weight gain can also be a problem.

When you’re struggling with depression due to your hormone imbalance, it’s hard to eat a balanced diet. Sometimes it’s hard to eat at all, and going outside to work out sounds like a chore. As you bring your hormones back into line, those symptoms of depression should fade away!

Increased Hunger

An out-of-whack hormone system can result in an increase in hunger, which means weight gain when left unchecked.

Your hormones control everything about how much you want to eat and how often you need to eat! An increase in hunger can be seen when your hormones are out of balance.

Hormones and Weight Gain

Hormones are the part of your brain and body that regulate your appetite. As it regulates your appetite, hormones are designed to help you maintain your energy levels throughout the day! Hormones that are not working the way they should push your body to crave food all the time.

There are several key hormones in your body that help regulate hunger and several more that make you feel full when you’ve reached that point in the day. Each of these hormones can get out of whack and leave you craving food constantly.

Getting them back on track requires some dedication, but the results can change your life!


Hormones have a huge impact on the way you gain and lose weight! When your hormones are imbalanced, there are a lot of things that start to cause problems.

Fatigue and muscle aches are common problems when your hormones are out of balance which can lead to a decrease in motivation to work out. Since hormones have a lot of control over how hungry you are and how much you feel you need to eat, imbalances are anathema to a successful weight loss plan.

As you learn to balance and control your hormones, losing weight becomes easier and easier! With a little time and dedication, you’ll have your weight loss and health goals completed

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