IV Drip for Pregnancy

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Treating Severe Morning Sickness With IV Infusion Therapy

Morning sickness is a common symptom of pregnancy. In fact, around 70% of pregnant women experience the nausea and occasional vomiting that comes with it. These symptoms can be quite severe in about 3% of pregnant women. 

It’s common for these symptoms to occur about 6 weeks into a pregnancy and they usually end during the second trimester (at roughly 20 weeks). However, some women experience morning sickness for a few weeks, while others may suffer for months or even throughout their entire pregnancies.

If morning sickness is mild or moderate, it is inconvenient and uncomfortable, but not necessarily harmful to the mother or fetus. But if a pregnant woman cannot keep down food or becomes severely dehydrated, she may experience nutritional deficiencies, potentially affecting the weight of a baby at birth. 

Is it Safe to Get An IV Drip During Pregnancy?

IV therapy for morning sickness is a fast and safe way for pregnant women to get relief from the symptoms of morning sickness if they are administered by health professionals with the appropriate training. It’s important to find a capable provider that is trained in IV therapy to help you make an informed choice. 

Our naturopathic doctor will be able to assess your situation and determine if IV therapy can help or if a trip to the hospital is necessary. But, in general, if symptoms are less severe than those of hyperemesis gravidarum, receiving an IV treatment in office is safe.

In our IV treatment for morning sickness, we provide a form of vitamin B6 called pyridoxine which has been studied for its effectiveness in reducing nausea. It is found in many foods, so it’s something your body already has.

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    Key Ingredients

    After an initial consultation to understand your specific needs, we customize an IV threapy plan for you. Typically the formula contains:

    • Vitamin C
    • Magnesium
    • Calcium
    • Trace Minerals (Chromium, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc) 
    • B Vitamins (B1,B2, B3, B5, B6, B12)
    • Amino Acids (which promote cellular repair and optimal function)

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