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Natural & Preventative Health Care

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary healthcare system that combines modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine for women’s health.

The goal of a Naturopathic Doctor is to determine the root cause of an illness and to provide treatment that result in long lasting benefits.

Women’s Health & Naturopathic Medicine

Using a root cause perspective, Naturopathic doctors typically view women’s health conditions with a holistic view. Everything is taken into consideration, including how the condition began, past treatment responses, aggravating factors, and more. Our goal is always to gain a thorough clinical understanding of your condition.

In addition to learning the details about the condition itself, your naturopathic doctor will also look for underlying causes and factors that may be contributing. Women’s health conditions are often interrelated with other areas of health and wellness, so your ND will ask about sleep, stress, mental health, digestive function, adrenal health, family history and more. Each patient is unique, with different healthcare needs and goals – our aim is to support you in the way you need the most.

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Naturopathic Services

Menopause support & BHRT

Many women experience unwanted symptoms during menopause such as hot flashes, sleep disturbances and vaginal dryness. While many evidence based natural therapies can be recommended at this time, a naturopathic doctor can help navigate this time by a customized treatment plan consisting of testing, lifestyle modifications, as well as bioidentical hormone therapy.

Preconception planning

Using a holistic perspective, our fertility naturopaths will uncover the underlying causes of you or your partner’s infertility or subfertility. Working with your reproductive endocrinology and nursing team, we can create a plan to correct nurient deficiencies, support hormonal balance, reduce toxin exposure and more to improve your fertility treatment outcomes. 

Clinical Nutrition & Digestive Wellness

Too often digestive concerns are dismissed. As well, treating just the symptoms hardly ever results in true healing. Using a root cause approach to digestive wellness, naturopathic doctors are in a uniqeue position to be able to provide testing, provide analysis of results and recommend effect nutrition  

Lab Testing & Assessments

Symptoms are typically the beacon of underlying issues. Acces to lab work and comprehensive testing can mean understading the root cause of your issues. The analysis of the results can help customize an appraoch to care specific to you and your unique biochemistry.

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

Naturopathic doctors in Ontario undergo special training to be able to formulate and administer IV vitamin therapy. Research is finding IV Vitamin therapy is useful in many conditions associated with underyling nutrient deficiencies. Along with appropriate testing, our naturopathic doctors can formulate custom IV protocols to address your body’s unique needs for nutrient replenishment. 

PCOS Treatment

Polycystic Ovarian Symdrome is characterized as a metabolic disorder that affects reproductive health. Common symptoms can include amenorrhea or absent periods, weight issues, blood sugar imbalance and in some cases infertility. Using targeted programs that improve metabolic function along with evidence based nutrients and lifestyle counseling, our naturopathic doctors can support the management of PCOS

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