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Finding Balance

Mental health is an important part of overall health at any stage of life. Whether it’s to cope with the stresses of life, have meaningful relationships or work productively, your mental wellbeing is connected to every aspect of your life. Too often, stigma may prevent us from accessing the help we need. 

Whether you are going through postpartum depression, overcoming loss, feeling anxious around menopause, counseling can have tremendous benefits to your overall quality of life. 

Therapy can: 

  • Provide long haul benefits than online
  • Help your physical symptoms as well
  • Help you gain a whole new perspective on other people 
  • Offer a positive outlook on life
  • Provide a heightened sense of purpose

Our Approach to your Wellbeing

Mental health is an extremely important part of anyone’s wellbeing. Whether you’re a new mom who’s experiencing postpartum disorder or trying to strengthen your personal relationships, our counselors can help to find the best therapeutic approach (including cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness based therapy or dialectical therapy) for you and your family. 

Our psychotherapists provide:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Kids + Teens
  • Couples Therapy
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