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Understanding the symptoms

Menopause is defined as the final menstrual period and is usually confirmed when a woman has missed her period for 12 consecutive months. Resulting in a lower level of estrogen, most women experience menopause at age 51.

The transition phase before the final menstruation period is called perimenopause and the fluctuations in hormones lead to many of the symptoms that we commonly associate with this stage of life. 

Peri/menopause support at West End Women’s Health

Many treatment options exist to manage the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Bioidentical hormone therapy can help provide relief of symptoms such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness however whether BHRT is right for you depends on your personal and family medical history. 

Other ways we can help:

  • Screening for nutrient deficiencies such as vitamin D
  • Metabolic support and weight management program
  • Hormone + Thyroid testing
  • Supportive nutrients and supplements
  • Counseling + Talk Therapy

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Ways We Support You

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

BHRT is the delivery hormones to the body. Typically for menopausal women, we consider the use of plant based estrogen and progesterone to deliver a presecribed amount of hormone to the body.

Lab work & Testing

Often we are left wondering why we are feeling the way do. We offer blod work, urine and saliva based hormone testing to help you analyze what is the best course of treatment for you.


In recent studies, acupuncture has been found to be a supportive way to address sleep issues and hot flashes. While eveyone’s response is different, this ancient form of medicine can be used in conjunction with other treatments for better outcomes.

Metabolic Balance

The foundation of good health during menopause is diet and nutrition. We offer metabolic balance and weight management programs to help you understand your optimal eating habits based on your blood values and goals.

Evidence Based Nutraceuticals

The world of supplements can be a daunting one. What supplements to take, what is the evidence behind them and what is the right dosage for you are all questions that our naturopaths and nutritionists can canser for you.

Talk Therapy

Often, as women we spend a lot of our time giving to those around us. Taking care of our families comes naturally to us but when it comes to taking care of ourselves, we often don’t know where to start. Talk therapy can help in this regard.

What are the Top Menopause Symptoms?

Menopause symptoms may begin slowly during the perimenopausal phase and then abruptly during menopause. The most common symptoms you’ll want to be aware of are:  

  • Hot Flashes
  • Missed periods
  • Sore breasts
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Excess urination
  • Emotional changes
  • Sleep issues
  • Dry eyes, mouth, or skin
  • Low libido


Functional Medicine Labs to Test To Help Personalize Treatment for Menopause Symptoms

Functional medicine labs can help get to the root of common menopause symptoms. Here are the top tests that functional medicine practitioners run:

Hormone Testing

DUTCH Complete is a great analysis of hormones and metabolites for menopausal women. This test will comprehensively examine not only sex hormones but also cortisol, organic acids, and melatonin. Using this information in correlation to the symptoms picture can be helpful in treatment recommendations, especially if bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is an option.

Lipid Panel

During late perimenopause and early postmenopausal state, there have been documented changes in lipid levels in women. This study revealed that total cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides, and lipoprotein(a) all peak during phases of menopause. Following these changes would help you and your provider keep track of and support healthy cholesterol levels. You can get a Lipid Panel done through BostonHeart Diagnostics, which includes nine lipid markers

Liver Function

Hormone metabolism occurs in the liver. As your hormone levels drastically shift during menopause, checking in on liver function would be beneficial to ensure everything is operating properly. Access Med Labs offers a Hepatic Function test to analyze liver enzymes and other pertinent liver markers.


Hormonal changes can lead to nutrient deficiencies which impact organ systems. Osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease are two main areas of concern. Women also need different and varying amounts of micronutrients during different reproductive stages. Getting a comprehensive Micronutrient Test like the OATS test can give insight into vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids.  


Many peri-to-post menopausal women experience mood changes. Your brain has receptors for both estrogen and progesterone. During the transition into menopause, you may experience the mental and emotional impact this can have on your brain as it’s trying to figure out how to respond to the lack of hormones. Downstream effects can impact neurotransmitters such as serotonin, GABA, and dopamine. Doctor’s Data offers a Comprehensive Neurotransmitter Profile urine test that evaluates the secretion and metabolization of 21 biomarkers. If micronutrient testing is relevant to your case, doing a Neurotransmitter + Micronutrients package for a one-stop shop would benefit you.  

Thyroid Panel

A complete Thyroid Panel by LifeLabs evaluates hormones involved in thyroid function. This test includes reverse T3, which is important as it can provide insight into any thyroid hormone conversion issues between the thyroid gland and the liver. Hypothyroidism is also a risk factor for dyslipidemia in premenopausal and postmenopausal women and, therefore, should be assessed if you have cross-over symptoms.  

Related services

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Lab Work & Assessments

We provide access to blood work, and functional medicine testing. Our naturopathic doctors offer complete blood work yearly, with follow-up testing as is clinically relevant to your unique health picture along clinical analysis.

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Bioidentical Hormones

Often used for hormonal concerns, BHRT requires careful consideration of benefits and risks. We offer assessments and recommendations for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy after a thorough evaluation, lifestyle recommendations and lab work.

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Weight Management Program

Based on comprehensive blood testing, we provide personalized weight loss services. Complete with nutritional insight into your body’s unique needs and hormone balance, our 12 week weight loss program offers complete 1:1 support from our nutritionists and naturopathic doctors.

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