IV Therapy – Do You Have A Vitamin Deficiency?

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In general, we have no problem receiving some nutrients in terms of fat and calories, it does not necessarily mean we are receiving an overabundance of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Because so much of what we consume is convenience processed foods, the natural wholesome nutrient content of these foods is low. Flour, milled and exported from the Midwest, processed to make the powder more sustainable and palatable. In this processing we eliminate the most nutritious dense parts of the wheat kernel – the germ and bran.

This is where most of the nutrition, the B vitamins, protein and fiber, of wheat is encapsulated. What is left of the wheat kernel? You just have the endosperm which is what makes up the white carbohydrates. Because of medical technology, we can manufacture these missing vitamins and minerals we rape from the wheat kernel when we take out the bran and germ. We scientifically make the B vitamins and nutrients in the lab like we do for a supplement and add this back to the flour. Humans as scientists are not all-knowing however, and we have not discovered every nutrient hidden in foods such as phytochemicals. That is why eating wholesome foods is the best answer. But as Americans we rely very dependently on convenience processed foods which can lead to nutrient deficiency because it is a lot of man-made stuff, not natural wholesome goodness. What are some symptoms of nutrient deficiency? You should be aware of these to see if this is you:

  • Thin brittle nails
  • Weak thinning hair – which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss? And what mineral deficiency causes hair loss?
  • Iron – iron is responsible for the DNA of hair which tells the body which color and kind of hair to make.
  • Zinc – important for cell synthesis and division. This is a mineral deficiency that would contribute to hair loss.
  • Linoleic Acid and Alpha-linoleic Acid – these essential nutrients are vital for hair growth.
  • Niacin – this is which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss. Niacin is one of the B Vitamins, Vitamin B3. Alopecia is the condition in which hair falls out and it is most likely because of a lack of Vitamin B3.
  • Biotin – Vitamin B7, is also which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss for this vitamin helps in the growth of healthy hair.
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Muscle deterioration
  • Red or white bumps on skin
  • Mouth ulcers, chapped lips or cracks in the corner of the mouth – Another water-soluble vitamin to be aware of is the chapped lips Vitamin deficiency and the cracks around the mouth vitamin deficiency – Vitamin B. This vitamin deficiency could include any or all of the lesions listed above. If you develop a large sore within your mouth and start freaking out that it could be herpes, take heed and consider your Vitamin B levels also. With the low carbohydrate diets popular today and all the processed foods we eat, Vitamin B deficiency is possible. People suffering with eating disorders experience vitamin deficiency symptoms as well – bulimia, anorexia nervosa and any disorder in between the two. Vitamin B deficiency will often present itself in the mouth as sores especially with the acidic environment a bulimic afflicts herself with along the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Bleeding gums
  • Poor night vision and growth on the eyes
  • Scaly skin patches and dandruff
  • Restless leg syndrome


What conditions do IV therapy have a role in treating?

IV’s are generally set up in emergency settings to provide not only fluid/mineral/electrolyte support, but also access for direct and fast acting medications like antibiotics and medication or forms of medication that cannot be given orally. But elective IV therapy with vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants  have shown to benefit patients.  High dose IV vitamin C and IV mistletoe (viscus album) have scientific evidence that supports its use in patients with cancer or having a history of cancer with little to no side effects. The benefits of Myer’s cocktails, a well known treatment through the IV route has been known to help with boosting the immune system.

IV therapy can also be used for cosmetic purposes as well to reduce bags under the eyes and rejuvenated the face and reduce the tired look on a person’s face. Skin lightening and anti-aging effect with IV glutathione.These and many more reasons is why there is a growing number of medical doctors and naturopathic doctors offering IV therapy to their patients.

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